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How long does it take to heal after arm surgery?
Arm Surgery - 4 answers
I have loose skin on the back of my arms and would like to have it removed. How long does it take to heal after arm surgery? Read more
Is there any treatment to remove white spots and scars?
Scar Revision - 6 answers
I have multiple scars, with no pigment on my arms. I am praying there is some kind of procedure to get rid of them. Do you know of anything? I had a lady try medical tattooing, which did not work. I am desperat... Read more
Could someone undergo surgery to become a hermaphrodite?
Is there any way for a surgeon to help someone become a hermaphrodite? Where would you get this procedure done? Read more
Could facial implants be used to incease the size of my small, narrow head?
Facial Implants - 2 answers
I have a small, narrow head and am wondering if there are any ways to increase its size. Would facial implants work? Read more
Could breast reconstruction make my breasts the same size?
My breasts are not the same size and it is noticeable. I want to know how to fix the problem. Would breast reconstruction or any another procedure help? Read more
I have a deviated septum, will rhinoplasty help?
Nose Surgery - 5 answers
Is rhinoplasty necessary to correct a deviated septum? Will the procedure eliminate the flatness of the tip of my nose? Read more
How difficult is it to have under eye bags removed or treated?
Cosmetic Surgery - 5 answers
What is involved with removing or reducing/treating the bags under my eyes? How would you do it? Read more
Is there a Tummy Tuck available for men?
Tummy Tuck - 9 answers
Are Tummy tuck available for man and would it be possibly for a 55 year old person to have this procedure done? I don't have any health issues. Read more
What are the symptoms that indicate that breast reduction is needed ?
Breast Reduction - 10 answers
I've been having headaches, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. I have shared this with my doctor and all she recommends is pain pills. Read more
What can a patient do if she is not satisfied with the results of the surgery?
I had fat grafting done to the buttocks,and I am very dissatisfied with my results. My butt is still flat and my stomach is bigger than it was before I had the surgery. Read more
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How much weight do you have to lose to have excess skin removed?
I had gastric bypass surgery in October 2011. This procedure helped me lose 100 pounds. I want to find out how much weight you need to lose to have the excess skin removed? Read more
I have deep nasal labia folds and drooping at the corners of my mouth. Which procedure would be best for me and last the longest?
Which procedure would be most beneficial for facial plastic surgery to remove deep labial folds and how often would I need the procedure done? Read more
How can I get rid of a scar on my leg which resulted from childhood injury?
Cosmetic Surgery - 2 answers
I have a scar on my leg which resulted from a childhood injury. How can I get rid of it? Please help - it is really affecting my relationships! Read more
Can you remove or cover thick keyloids (scar tissue)?
I am burned on my neck and thick keyloids (scar tissue) have formed on my jawline and cheeks. Can thick keyloids be treated or removed with plastic surgery? Read more
Can arm surgery correct big batwings?
Arm Surgery - 3 answers
My arms are too big and need about 20 pounds removed. How hard would it be to remove this much excess fat/skin from each one during arm surgery? Read more
Is it possible to have hair replacement surgery on your eyebrows?
My question is about hair transplants for eyebrows, but I'm not sure if this falls in the plastic surgery category. I have very little hair on my brows (I'm not sure if it is from medicines or aging). I want to... Read more
Do plastic surgeons do male enhancements?
Plastic Surgery - 2 answers
Do plastic surgeons do male enhancements for men who have tried every drug to help with erectile dysfunction? If not, what type of doctor provides this kind of treatment? Read more
How do I participate as a patient for eye surgery with medical students?
Eye Surgery - 3 answers
When a medical student is learning how to perform plastic surgery or eye surgery, can individuals volunteer to receive plastic surgery procedures? How do the students get their practice? Read more
If my breast have a little sagging, can I just request breast augmentation without a lift?
I am 27 years old with 2 kids. My weight has fluctuated but been stable for 2 years, but i lost my breasts. They don't really sagit's just like there is nothing left in them, just a pocket of skin. Can I get a ... Read more
Do cosmetic surgeons do dimple creation surgery?
Cosmetic Surgery - 4 answers
I am interested in dimple creation surgery but cannot find information about this procedure. Can you provide information about it? Read more
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