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Scar Revision Questions

What medications are used/needed for plastic surgery with a trachea scar?
Scar Revision -1 answer
Is plastic surgery still possible if the individual is allergic to the following: Clonazepam, Doxepin, Eszopiclone, Gabapentin-Neurontin), Haloperidol, Hydroxyzine, Ibuprofen, Lorazepam, Pregabalin- Lyrica, Q... Read more
Is there any treatment to remove white spots and scars?
Scar Revision -6 answers
I have multiple scars, with no pigment on my arms. I am praying there is some kind of procedure to get rid of them. Do you know of anything? I had a lady try medical tattooing, which did not work. I am desperat... Read more
I have a mole on my nose...what kind of procedure will have to be done?
Scar Revision -2 answers
What type of procedure would have to be done on my nose if I have a mole and I want it to be removed? How long is recuperation? Read more
Tummy tuck scar revision
Scar Revision -3 answers
I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago and the same surgeon suggested I have a tummy tuck scar revision. He said he would just pull it down lower closer to my public bone. Is this a simple procedure? Read more
How long should I wait to get a scar removed on a 6 year old?
Scar Revision -3 answers
How long should I wait to remove a scar on the face of a 6 yr old girl? Read more
Is it possible to remove keloid scars without cutting the skin?
Scar Revision -3 answers
Is there anyway to remove keloid scars without cutting the skin? Read more

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