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Plastic Surgery Questions

I've had bariatric surgery, so the weight is in my lower abdomen. What kind of treatment do I need?
Plastic Surgery -1 answer
What kind of treatment do I need? I have had the bariatric surgery, so I have weight in my lower abdomen area. I have been told by 2 Drs that they can do mini lipo, but I'm not sure that's what I really need. C... Read more
Do plastic surgeons do male enhancements?
Plastic Surgery -2 answers
Do plastic surgeons do male enhancements for men who have tried every drug to help with erectile dysfunction? If not, what type of doctor provides this kind of treatment? Read more
How difficult is to remove fat on the pelvic pubic area?
Plastic Surgery -4 answers
I have excess fat on the pubic area, can it be remove? Read more
Is my scar going to be permanent? Is there anything that can be done?
Plastic Surgery -3 answers
I got in a bad accident 6 weeks ago. How do I know if the road rash is tattooed? If it is can anything be done? Read more

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