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Cosmetic Surgery Questions

How difficult is it to have under eye bags removed or treated?
Cosmetic Surgery -5 answers
What is involved with removing or reducing/treating the bags under my eyes? How would you do it? Read more
How can I get rid of a scar on my leg which resulted from childhood injury?
Cosmetic Surgery -2 answers
I have a scar on my leg which resulted from a childhood injury. How can I get rid of it? Please help - it is really affecting my relationships! Read more
Do cosmetic surgeons do dimple creation surgery?
Cosmetic Surgery -4 answers
I am interested in dimple creation surgery but cannot find information about this procedure. Can you provide information about it? Read more
Dealing with hypertensive patients
Cosmetic Surgery -3 answers
How do you deal with hypertensive patients both in screening and prior to surgery? Read more

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