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Plastic Surgery Body Questions

Can plastic surgery slim down the bones in your shoulders?
Plastic Surgery Body -6 answers
I was curious to see if there is a way to slim down the bones in your shoulders. I was hoping to get my mine slimmed down. It's not the fat that makes them large, it's the actual size of the bone. Read more
Could someone undergo surgery to become a hermaphrodite?
Plastic Surgery Body -1 answer
Is there any way for a surgeon to help someone become a hermaphrodite? Where would you get this procedure done? Read more
How much weight do you have to lose to have excess skin removed?
Plastic Surgery Body -3 answers
I had gastric bypass surgery in October 2011. This procedure helped me lose 100 pounds. I want to find out how much weight you need to lose to have the excess skin removed? Read more
I have a scar about 6 inches long on my stomach from a surgery when I was younger. Now I want it removed. How would I go about a surgery like this?
Plastic Surgery Body -2 answers
I had an appendicitis 8 years ago. Now I have a large scar on my stomach and I would like it removed. I don't know what surgery I would need... Read more
Rib removal combined with abdominoplasty?
Plastic Surgery Body -1 answer
I really need this operation, and want ribs 11, 12 and maybe 10 removed. Read more
Getting rid of love handles due to being pregnant. What are my options?
Plastic Surgery Body -3 answers
I have some really saggy love handles because of being pregnant. What are my options? Read more
Left hand middle finger cut at an early age.
Plastic Surgery Body -1 answer
When I was about 2-3 yrs old my left hand middle finger tip got cut in the door. Ever since my middle finger and and the index finger are about the same size. The nail on the finger is bent forward. I wondering... Read more

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