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Plastic Surgery Facial Questions

I had a bulging vein removed from my forehead via microphlebectomy, are there any long-term effects I should be concerned about?
Plastic Surgery Facial -1 answer
I had a bulging vein removed from my forehead. The vascular surgeon did so using the microphlebectomy procedure. I deeply regret doing this because my peace of mind is gone. I don't know what I was thinking eve... Read more
I have deep nasal labia folds and drooping at the corners of my mouth. Which procedure would be best for me and last the longest?
Plastic Surgery Facial -3 answers
Which procedure would be most beneficial for facial plastic surgery to remove deep labial folds and how often would I need the procedure done? Read more
Is it possible to have hair replacement surgery on your eyebrows?
Plastic Surgery Facial -4 answers
My question is about hair transplants for eyebrows, but I'm not sure if this falls in the plastic surgery category. I have very little hair on my brows (I'm not sure if it is from medicines or aging). I want to... Read more

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