Male Breast Reduction in Kissimmee, Florida (FL)

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure sought out by men who want a more masculine appearance. The procedure involves the surgical removal of fat, skin and/or glandular tissue to eliminate or reduce enlarged male breasts. Surgeons either remove tissue from under the breast or perform liposuction on the wall of the chest. The procedure requires incisions on the lower part of the nipple.  

The ideal male breast reduction candidate is free of diseases and does not have serious pre-existing conditions. Smokers are not ideal candidates for this surgery because smoking slows the flow of blood to bodily tissues, interfering with proper wound healing. Additionally, better results are achieved from male breast reduction surgery if the patient's skin is firm and elastic for the purpose of adjusting to the new body shape achieved after surgery.

Male breast reduction patients are usually given a general anesthetic so that they can sleep through the surgery. The surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis and patients must be driven home by someone else. The recovery period involves possible swelling, mild burning, pain and bruising. Pain medication must be taken to reduce discomfort. Patients are encouraged to move around the day after surgery to accelerate healing. Drainage tubes are generally removed within a few days, and sutures are removed within one to two weeks of surgery. It may take from three to six months to experience full recovery and intended results.

Risks may include:

• Bleeding- It is possible, though unusual, to experience some bleeding after breast reduction surgery.
• Infection- An infection is quite unusual after a breast reduction, but should an infection occur, treatment including antibiotics or additional breast surgery may be necessary.
• Change in nipple and skin sensation- You may experience a change in the sensitivity of the nipples and the skin of the surgery site. Permanent loss of nipple sensation can occur after this procedure in one or both nipples.
• Skin scarring- All surgery leaves scars, some more visible than others. Although good wound healing after a breast reduction surgical procedure is expected, abnormal scars may occur within the skin and deeper tissues. Scars may be unattractive and of a different color than the surrounding skin tone. There is the possibility of visible marks in the skin from sutures.

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