Breast Implant Revision in Kissimmee, Florida (FL)

There are times when patients are not satisfied with the size of their breast implants or their alignment and symmetry. Other times, the breasts may sag over time—as is often the case in patients who’ve had large, heavy implants—or the patient may develop an infection or other complications. For any of these reasons, breast augmentation revision surgery may be necessary to resolve problems associated with previous breast augmentation procedures.

The most common corrective procedures include:

• Implant exchange: Old implants are replaced with new implants, be they smaller or larger. 
• Capsulectomy: The entire capsule surrounding the implant is removed. In addition, the implants may be moved to a different position (i.e. totally submuscular) or exchanged for newer implants with different texture and size. 
• Capsulotomy: Incisions are made in the capsule surrounding the implants in order to change their position. 
• Pocket change: The implant is moved from above the muscle to below the muscle as a way of providing better soft tissue coverage of the implants
• Mastopexy: Known as breast lift surgery, this operation aims to give the breasts a lift and, at the same time, improve their contour. 
• Synmastia repair: This involves repairing the connection of the overlying skin to the underlying breast bone or sternum. 
• Areolar reduction: An incision is placed around the outer border of the areola.

Depending on what complication(s) you are experiencing, your board-certified plastic surgeon may recommend any of the above procedures, or may suggest a procedure not listed here. During your consultation, your surgeon should discuss:

• Which procedure is best for you and why
• How the procedure is performed and how it is designed to fix your problem
• Risks involved with the procedure
• Recovery
• Cost


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