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Is my scar going to be permanent? Is there anything that can be done?
Plastic Surgery - 3 answers
I got in a bad accident 6 weeks ago. How do I know if the road rash is tattooed? If it is can anything be done? Read more
Could breast reconstruction make my breasts the same size?
My breasts are not the same size and it is noticeable. I want to know how to fix the problem. Would breast reconstruction or any another procedure help? Read more
do you repair ear split earlobes
Ear Reconstruction - 9 answers
my earlobes piercing split from heavy earrings, can they be repaired? Read more
I have really bad cellulite on my thighs and buttocks what can i do
Liposuction - 3 answers
I want to know what i can do about my really bad cellulite on my thighs and buttocks Read more
Possible to have breast implants after shunt placed in my brain?
I had a shunt placed in my brain due to hydrocephalus after an automobile accident 13 years ago. I wanted to know i it would be possible to have breast implants? Read more
How long should I wait to get a scar removed on a 6 year old?
Scar Revision - 3 answers
How long should I wait to remove a scar on the face of a 6 yr old girl? Read more
side effect of breat augmentation
I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago this month. Everything appeared to go well. However I still have limited sensation in my breast/nipple. Most often pain when my nipples are stimulated by my spouse. Will ... Read more
Left hand middle finger cut at an early age.
When I was about 2-3 yrs old my left hand middle finger tip got cut in the door. Ever since my middle finger and and the index finger are about the same size. The nail on the finger is bent forward. I wondering... Read more
Do cosmetic surgeons do dimple creation surgery?
Cosmetic Surgery - 4 answers
I am interested in dimple creation surgery but cannot find information about this procedure. Can you provide information about it? Read more
Do butt implants come in diffrent sizes?
I would like to know if butt implants come in different sizes, if so, what are the sizes? Read more
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Dealing with hypertensive patients
Cosmetic Surgery - 3 answers
How do you deal with hypertensive patients both in screening and prior to surgery? Read more
What must I do in order to reduce breast size?
Breast Reduction - 5 answers
What can I do to reduce breaste size and/or what are the different types of procedures? Read more
Do plastic surgeons do male enhancements?
Plastic Surgery - 2 answers
Do plastic surgeons do male enhancements for men who have tried every drug to help with erectile dysfunction? If not, what type of doctor provides this kind of treatment? Read more
What is the average cost of a facelift?
Facelift - 4 answers
What is the average cost of a facelift? Read more
How much does breast reduction cost, and where can I have it done?
Breast Reduction - 2 answers
I would like to get a breast reduction as well as a lift with my nipples not being inverted if possible. My breasts size are 40I. I would like to know, if possible, how much would this cost? Read more
How difficult is it to have under eye bags removed or treated?
Cosmetic Surgery - 5 answers
What is involved with removing or reducing/treating the bags under my eyes? How would you do it? Read more
What can a patient do if she is not satisfied with the results of the surgery?
I had fat grafting done to the buttocks,and I am very dissatisfied with my results. My butt is still flat and my stomach is bigger than it was before I had the surgery. Read more
Can eye surgery correct the dark circles under my eyes?
Eye Surgery - 5 answers
Is there an eye surgery or any treatments, whether medical or OTC, that can remove or lessen dark circles under the eyes? What might those treatments be and what do they involve? Read more
Is a breast reduction the right choice for me?
Breast Reduction - 3 answers
I am 15 years old with a cup size of 40DDD. I want to get a breast reduction, because of all the stares I get and the cause back pain shoulder and neck pain. I weigh 170, and I was wondering if you think this i... Read more
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