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Is there a Tummy Tuck available for men?
Tummy Tuck - 9 answers
Are Tummy tuck available for man and would it be possibly for a 55 year old person to have this procedure done? I don't have any health issues.
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Does insurance typically cover testicle prosthesis?
General - 2 answers
I need a testicle prosthesis. Without a visible testicle, I feel uncomfortable having sex and am afraid of being a freak show. Does insurance typically cover this? Also, how long does the procedure take and how long would I need to be off of work?
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can ears be reshaped to appear normal?
Ear Reconstruction - 2 answers
My ears are pointy and I was just wondering if this procedure will reshape the cartlidge from a point to a normal round ear.
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Am I old enough to get a breast reduction?
Breast Reduction - 6 answers
I am 17 and wear a 32 FF. Im in desperate need of a breast reduction. I can't handle the pain in my neck and back and not being able to find my size bra very many places. My breasts feel so tender when i work. Am i old enough for the procedure?
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How long do eye lift procedures last?
Eyelid Lift - 5 answers
What is the procedure time for an eyelid lift?
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What is involved in making the upper arms made smaller?
Arm Surgery - 4 answers
What is involved in the procedure?
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How much does a tummy tuck on average cost?
Tummy Tuck - 3 answers
On average how much does a tummy tuck cost?
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Can arm surgery correct big batwings?
Arm Surgery - 3 answers
My arms are too big and need about 20 pounds removed. How hard would it be to remove this much excess fat/skin from each one during arm surgery?
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How much does it cost for a typical breast reduction.
Breast Reduction - 6 answers
How much is a breast reduction typically run?
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I have a deviated septum, will rhinoplasty help?
Nose Surgery - 5 answers
Is rhinoplasty necessary to correct a deviated septum? Will the procedure eliminate the flatness of the tip of my nose?
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What is the best procedure to remove age spots on the face? I have several that bother me and would like them removed.
Facial - 3 answers
I have brown spots on the right and let side of my face, one on the upper lip, and one on the chin. They are not raised.
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I have deep nasal labia folds and drooping at the corners of my mouth. Which procedure would be best for me and last the longest?
Which procedure would be most beneficial for facial plastic surgery to remove deep labial folds and how often would I need the procedure done?
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How much weight do you have to lose to have excess skin removed?
I had gastric bypass surgery in October 2011. This procedure helped me lose 100 pounds. I want to find out how much weight you need to lose to have the excess skin removed?
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I want to have a mini facelift, how long will it last?
Facelift - 8 answers
How long does a life style lift last?
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Tummy tuck scar revision
Scar Revision - 3 answers
I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago and the same surgeon suggested I have a tummy tuck scar revision. He said he would just pull it down lower closer to my public bone. Is this a simple procedure?
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Could breast reconstruction make my breasts the same size?
My breasts are not the same size and it is noticeable. I want to know how to fix the problem. Would breast reconstruction or any another procedure help?
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Rib removal combined with abdominoplasty?
I really need this operation, and want ribs 11, 12 and maybe 10 removed.
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Can you remove or cover thick keyloids (scar tissue)?
I am burned on my neck and thick keyloids (scar tissue) have formed on my jawline and cheeks. Can thick keyloids be treated or removed with plastic surgery?
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