Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills, California (CA)

Breast reconstruction is a type of cosmetic surgery usually used to replace a breast or breasts after mastectomy. Surgeons can't exactly re-create the breast; the new breast won't function in the same way that the original breast did, and it won't be as sensitive as the original breast. The new breast should, however, look and feel the same as the original breast.

The breast reconstruction procedure is generally performed by using a breast implant to reconstruct the missing breast. Sometimes, tissues from the patient's own body are used. Tissue, including fat and skin, may be taken from the buttocks, belly or back. Incisions are generally visible on the new breast, and may also be visible on the belly, back or buttocks (wherever tissue grafts were taken). 

A complete breast reconstruction often involves multiple procedures. The breast itself is generally formed from an implant or from tissue grafts; afterward, nipple reconstruction may be necessary, depending on the extent of the patient's mastectomy.

In many cases, breast reconstruction involves cosmetic surgery to both breasts. This may be true if a mastectomy of both breasts was performed. More often, however, slight alterations to the size and shape of the other breast are necessary. Ideally, both breasts should be similar in size and shape.

Some types of breast reconstruction surgery require lengthy hospitalization. Recovery from breast reconstruction can take several weeks, depending on the extent of the reconstruction.

About Harry Glassman, M.D.

Dr. Harry Glassman has been practicing plastic surgery in Beverly Hills for the past thirty-five years. He has used his talents to enhance the appearance of some of the most famous people in the world and to reconstruct birth defects, damage from injuries, and defects caused by cancer. 

Dr. Harry Glassman’s work has earned him the admiration of his peers and the confidence of his many patients. He has achieved recognition and worldwide esteem as a noted authority in his field. He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences around the world and appear on a variety of radio and television shows. 

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