How to Prepare for Lap-Band Surgery

Preparing for the LAP-BAND ® surgery correctlyᅠis extremely important. To help the surgery be a complete success, there are things a patient can do. The liver is an organ that needs to be considered. The surgeon will put a patient on a pre-operative diet. It is of utmost importance that the patient follow this diet completely. Since the procedure is performed byᅠlaparoscopy, the liver could possibly get in the way and it is best to have it as small as possible.

Pre-Op Diet

Most surgeons will place the patient on a pre-op diet before the LAP-BAND ® procedure. This diet will consist of the patient maintaining a balance of high proteins and low carbohydrates. The patient will not be allowed to consume bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. The purpose of the diet is to keep the liver small. The length of time a person is on the diet is decided upon by their body mass index. Typically a patient with a BMI of 50 or more will be on the diet for 14 days. If the patient's BMI is between 40 and 50, they will be on the diet for 10, days and if the BMI is less than 40, the patient will be placed on the special diet for 7 days.ᅠ

Preparing for surgery is not difficult. The patient'sᅠphysician will guide them through the pre-operative phase. Be prepared and listen to the physician, as they will provide information that will keep you healthy through this process. Follow the pre-operative diet closely, as that will help the surgeon on the day of surgery. Complete all testing as required. Relax and remember that this is the beginning of the weight loss journey.

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