Recovery after Stomach Stapling

Most patients will recover from stomach stapling in stages, with about one month of total recovery time in the majority of cases. Stomach stapling is an in patient hospital operation that a doctor performs while the patient is under general anesthesia. Patients will spend about 3 or 4 days in the hospital after a stomach stapling operation. During this time, the patient will be carefully evaluated and will typically eat a liquid based diet.

After Leaving The Hospital

After the patient leaves the hospital, they will usually be told to transition from primarily liquids into pureed or mashed foods. Puddings, apple sauce and well pureed foods like meat and vegetables may be some options that the doctor will recommend. In the days and weeks immediately following the stomach stapling, patients will need to carefully monitor the type of food and the quantity of food that they eat. Stomach stapling results in most patients being able to consume about one cup or less of food at once. Over consumption will lead to severe abdominal pain or illness, because it may cause a painful stretching of the newly created stomach pouch.

Long Term Recovery

Patients will need to be careful to maintain proper eating habits long term. Most stomach stapling patients lose up to half their body weight in the first year after surgery, but it is possible to stretch the stomach pouch out over time, and therefore gain the weight back. If patients stick to the guidelines given by their doctor, which will usually mean eating about one cup at a time and not overindulging, they can expect to have an excellent recovery and prognosis, and will have benefits from the operation for many years.

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