How Bariatric Surgery is Performed

Bariatric Surgery is a term used to designate a number of surgeries that constrict the stomach and are performed for weight loss purposes. The Bariatric Surgery procedures may be performed employing a diverse number of techniques. Certain surgeries can be done laparoscopically.

Before the Bariatric Surgery

The Bariatric Surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and the anesthetic will be administered a few hours before the procedure. The patient will be asked to fast 12 hours prior to the procedure.

Bariatric Surgery Procedure

The surgery will involve making an incision in the stomach area or the patient may opt for a laparoscopic surgery, which won’t involve cutting in the flesh. However, not all types of Bariatric Surgery can be performed laparoscopically.

The Bariatric Surgery may be performed in a number of ways, depending on the recommendations of the surgeon and the preferences of the patient:

  • The vertical banded surgery, also known as stomach stapling is performed by stapling a part of the stomach, which will be permanently closed. A small stomach pouch will be formed.
  • The adjustable gastric band surgery (or Lap Band) is done by placing a silicone band around the stomach, and this will be periodically adjusted. This can be done laparoscopically.
  • The sleeve gastrectomy involves removing about 15% of the stomach, typically the area after the major curve. After the part of the stomach is removed, the remaining parts will be joined with staples or surgical thread.
  • The intragastric balloon is a procedure that will involve placing a balloon in the stomach and inflating it, so that the stomach’s capacity is reduced.
  • Roux en Y gastric bypass is the procedure that is similar to stomach stapling, as a small pouch will be created in the stomach. The pouch will be connected to the small intestine and the small intestine will be placed into a Y-shaped structure.
  • The sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch involves reducing the volume of the stomach by 200 ml, and the stomach will be switched off from the duodenum, being connected to the small intestine (as in the case of the Roux en Y gastric bypass). The duodenum and the other part of the small intestine will be attached to the colon
  • The gastric stimulation bariatric surgery involves placing a device into the stomach. This device will transmit impulses to the brain and stimulate the tissues of the stomach

If the surgery is performed through an incision, the incision will be closed once the surgeon finishes modifying the structure of the stomach or placing the devices.

After the Bariatric Surgery

After the Bariatric Surgery, the patient may be in pain, so pain relievers will be administered orally or intravenously. The patient will also need a few days of hospitalization, but if the procedure is performed laparoscopically, the patient can recover at home.

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