Cost and Financing of Stomach Stapling

Stomach stapling is a bariatric surgery that will reduce the stomach's capacity, and it is a weight loss procedure. This procedure will not give instant results, but by reducing the amount of food and calories that can be consumed, the patient should start losing weight. The cost of a stomach stapling surgery may be high, but it may be covered by insurance.

Cost of Stomach Stapling

The cost of a stomach stapling surgery varies depending on several factors including the location, the fess of the surgeon, the time spent in the hospital and the type of anesthetic used. The costs of the surgery may vary between $ 17,000 and $50,000.

The cost covers the administration of the anesthetic, the surgery, the fees of the surgeon, the hospital stay, the banding supplies and periodical checkups.

Insurance Coverage

Stomach stapling is typically recommended only after other weight loss methods have failed. A morbidly obese person may have the procedure covered by insurance, as obesity is a life threatening condition and the surgery is necessary.

The surgery is covered by insurance if:

  • The patient is over 100 pounds overweight
  • Has a body mass index (BMI) of over 40, or over 35 and a life threatening condition such as high blood pressure or cardiac problems

In other cases, the insurance does not cover stomach stapling, as it is considered an elective surgery.

Financing of Stomach Stapling

If the insurance doesn't cover the surgery, there should be financing options available at the clinic where the procedure is performed. The patient may also opt for a medical loan to cover the costs of the surgery. ᅠ

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