Advantages and Disadvantages of Stomach Stapling

Stomach stapling is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of your stomach. This can result in gradual weight loss, due to the reduction of food intake. The stomach stapling has several advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider if you want to get the surgery done.

Advantages of Stomach Stapling

Through stomach stapling, you can reach your target weight through gradual weight loss and this is healthier than other weight loss procedures (i.e. liposuction or drug therapy). If combined with exercise, the treatment can be successful and you can maintain your target weight.

The stomach stapling will not cause the dumping syndrome, which causes the food to be passed quickly and undigested in the intestinal tract. This means that the nutrients can be properly absorbed and you won’t suffer from nutrient deficiencies (provided you have a diet that contains the essential nutrients).

Disadvantages of Stomach Stapling

The stomach stapling will reduce the size of your stomach, but this cannot guarantee that you will lose weight. Your stomach should be the size of a fist, but if you eat calorie rich foods and have several snacks during the day, you may preserve your present weight.

If you start eating more, the pouch made by stapling can expand, as the stomach is an elastic organ; so you may not lose weight at all.

Foods that are high in fiber will cause stomach discomfort; also if you eat too quickly or don’t chew your food properly, you may vomit.

The procedure will cause scarring; you may opt for several smaller incisions instead of a larger one, but you will still have small scars.

You will have no immediate results, which can be discouraging.

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