Water Consumption and a Healthy Appearance

We cannot live without water, and yet many people go about their daily lives in a state of mild dehydration. This can affect our skin, hair, and nails, making them appear dry and lifeless.

Why is water so important?

Water is essential to life; without water, our body cannot function. Some of the important functions that water performs in our body are:

  • Water flushes out impurities from our bodies, including our skin
  • Water carries nutrients to our cells, and removes waste products from our cells
  • Water cushions our joints
  • Water helps to regulate our body temperature
  • Water acts as a solvent, dissolving many of the substances our bodies take in
  • Water is an essential part of many metabolic processes that occur throughout the body

How much water do I need?

There has been much debate over how much water we really require in a day. The old maxim was eight glasses a day for an adult, as put forth in the “8 x 8” rule: you should consume 8- 8oz glasses of water per day. Scientists have de-bunked this myth as there are no scientific studies that prove that 8 glasses of water are ideal.

How much water you should consume in a day may depend on several factors, such as:

  • Where you live (humidity and temperature) - People who live in hot or humid climates will require more water than people who live in dry and cool locations.
  • Your activity level- If you exercise or work at a job that is physically strenuous, you will require more water.
  • Your size- Water makes up more than half our body weight.
  • Your general health- Certain conditions may require you to increase your water intake. For example, pregnancy and breastfeeding are indications for increasing your fluid intake. Breastfeeding in particular can deplete a mother’s fluid reserves quickly.

The bottom line is that you should drink enough water that you never feel excessively thirsty; if you feel very thirsty, you are already in a state of mild dehydration. Remember, if you are exercising you will need to replenish lost fluids.

Water and Your Skin

Water is important for our skin because it helps to flush toxins from your body. These toxins can result in acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. Additionally, warm heated indoor air will cause your skin to lose moisture- this is why skin feels so much drier in the winter.

Another added benefit of water is that water hydrates our skin cells. Skin cells that are well-hydrated are plumper, and skin will appear softer and smoother. Therefore, drinking adequate amounts of water can help to avoid wrinkles and will also give your skin a healthy glow.

Water is not only essential to life, but is also essential to healthy looking skin, hair and nails. There is no hard and fast rule in regards to how much water is needed per day. You should drink enough water throughout the day that you never feel thirsty, and increase your fluid intake when you are ill, pregnant, breastfeeding, or exercising.


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