Pregnancy and Scar Revision

Scar revision can refer to surgical, non-surgical or a combination of treatments intended to reduce the appearance of scars and/or improve the function of scarred tissue virtually anywhere on the body. When considering revision of scars before, during and after pregnancy, you should know the following:

Scars and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause stretch mark scarring across the abdomen. You can reduce your risk of developing prominent stretch mark scars by keeping your abdominal skin moisturized with frequent application of moisturizing cream throughout the pregnancy. However, you won't know until after you've given birth if your scars will become problematic.

Pregnancy also releases large amounts of hormones into your body and cause swelling of tissue and discoloration. It may be best to wait until after you've given birth to have scar revision performed, simply because these hormone-based alterations to skin tissue may dissipate following pregnancy.

Safety of the Procedure while Pregnant

Some more invasive scar revision procedures require you to be put under general anesthesia, which you should avoid while pregnant for the safety of your child. However, some less invasive revision procedures work on the surface of your skin and should not require general anesthesia. You may be able to have these procedures performed while pregnant, but it's probably better to wait until after you've given birth due to hormonal changes.

Scar revision makes the most sense after pregnancy, although you may be eligible for some non-invasive procedures during pregnancy. You can get revision before pregnancy, but be aware that hormonal changes during pregnancy could cause certain scars to grow and/or become more visible again.

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