Potential Side Effects of Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction is the combination of both art and science. By using scientific technique, a surgeon can produce a unique face through specific points of the skin. The thickness of soft tissues in men and women is different, and this is an important factor in the concept of facial reconstruction.

Surgeons and medical researchers put forth a lot of effort to come up with the best facial reconstruction options possible. The latest in this field is the 3D facial reconstruction method through computers. The benefit from this method is that it can be repeated, and it is fast and effective. But, like any other facial reconstruction procedure, this one also has its pros and cons.

Here are some potential side effects of facial reconstruction:


One of the major side effects of facial reconstruction is the formation of scars. There are chances that there will be scars left on your face after the procedure. These scars are usually not permanent and they fade away gradually, but you should be patient. Your doctor will prescribe certain ointments and creams to help get rid of any scars.


After facial reconstruction, some patients feel severe pain. This happens because this kind of procedure requires a lot of stretching of the skin. The pain is not permanent, and it reduces with each day and in a few days time. It is gone completely as the body gets used to the new skin. In case the pain persists, consult with your physician to rule out an infection.


Some amount of swelling is expected after a facial reconstruction procedure. You will notice major swelling immediately after surgery, as swelling is considered to be the body's natural reaction to any type of surgery. This swelling will heal by itself as the body gets used to the result of the procedure. Most of the swelling will subside after a few days, although you may have some signs of inflammation even after several weeks have passed.


You will have some major bruising in the first few days after surgery. You will start to notice some improvement each day following your facial reconstruction.ᅠMost bruising will vanish in a couple of weeks, although full healing may take months. All these side effects are commonly known to be temporary, and they fade away with time.


With facial reconstruction, it is possible to catch an infection due to unsanitary conditions during the procedure or even post-operation. You will need to monitor your temperature for any signs of a fever. This is the only side effect that should not be ignored even for a small amount of time, and you should consult with your doctor as soon as any signs are evident. You will given an oral antibiotic to help prevent infection.

As any other surgery, facial reconstruction has certain side effects which cannot be ignored. You should be aware of these complications before making a decision to get this procedure done. It is important to talk to your surgeon about any potential side effects that you may experience during your recovery period.

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