Advantages and Disadvantages of Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction is a reconstructive cosmetic procedure which can help a patient whose face may have been damaged in an accident, by an injury, or due to an illness or surgery. With certain facial reconstruction techniques, patients will be able to rebuild their face and present a more complete face structure to the world. As with any procedure, it will help patients to understand the advantages and disadvantages of facial reconstruction.

Advantages of Facial Reconstruction

When a patient is in an accident, their face may be severely injured. Though the injuries may not be life-threatening, the way one is perceived in the world can be just as harmful. With facial reconstruction, a patient can rebuild their face to appear just as it did before the accident. Cheeks can be rebuilt, noses can be rebuilt, and even eye sockets and other features can be rebuilt. So long as there is some supporting structure available, via bones or rods placed in the skull, the patient can create a new face.

Disadvantages of Facial Reconstruction

The main concern with facial reconstruction is that if there is no supportive structure available from which to build the face, the reconstruction can only work so well. If the front of the face is severely damaged, it can take numerous surgeries in order to rebuild the nature bone structure. In addition, patients can have troubles reaching their desired face as the surgery is limited in what it can do.

With facial reconstruction, patients have a chance to rebuild their faces, even after horrifying accidents, traumatic surgeries or invasive diseases.

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