7 Reasons to Choose Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery is a common procedure that is elected by patients that have a congenital defect or have been in an accident resulting in the damaging of skin or bones. There are also patients that have suffered of a disease that has destroyed the bone structure or the skin in some areas. There are many reasons patients choose the Reconstructive Surgery.

1. Improves Appearance

The Reconstructive Surgery can be performed on different areas of the body that have a defect. The surgery may involve bone grafting, bone replacement and/or skin grafting from the patient or a donor.

The results of Reconstructive Surgery are agreeable and the patient will be able to enjoy a normal look. The patient may also opt for additional cosmetic surgeries to get the most of the Reconstructive Surgery.

2. Restores Function

There are different types of Reconstructive Surgery:

  • Some improve the appearance of the patient's body (i.e. covering of a scar with a skin graft)
  • Some types of Reconstructive Surgery may restore function (i.e. insertion of a prosthetic device)
  • Types of surgery that do both (i.e. insertion of a prosthetic device in the nose covered by a skin graft)

The surgeries that restore function will typically involve the use of an implant in areas such as the arm, hand, leg or back. The implant will allow the patient to move and will be integrated in the body. In time, the patient will get used to having an implant.

3. There Are No Non Invasive Alternatives

When a patient requires Reconstructive Surgery, there are no non invasive alternatives that can reconstruct the damaged structure of the body. Surgery is needed, and it is imperative to get the help of an experienced professional.

4. Emotional Well Being

Typically, patients that require Reconstructive Surgery will have a body defect that will scar them emotionally and will ruin their confidence.

Getting a Reconstructive Surgery will most certainly give a self esteem boost, guaranteeing the patient's emotional well being. Some patients with physical defects may even suffer from depression. The Reconstructive Surgery can fix this problem and will also give a boost to the patient's social life.

5. Long Term Health Benefits

The emotional well being may influence the health of a patient, as depression can weaken the immune system. Some doctors say that a happy patient is a healthy patient. Consequently, the Reconstructive Surgery may have long term health benefits for the patient.

6. Durability

The Reconstructive Surgery is a surgery with durable results. The surgery will replace or reconstruct bone structures and may also place skin on areas of the body that require this type of procedure. Once the procedure is done, the results will not be lost with aging or weight gain.

7. Insurance Coverage

Most Reconstructive Surgeries will be covered partially by the insurance company. There may be cases in which the insurance provider will refuse to finance a certain Reconstructive Surgery, but this will only be if the patient doesn't necessarily require the Reconstructive Surgery.

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