Similar Treatments and Alternatives for Ear Reconstruction

Ear reconstruction surgery is performed to correct the deformities of the ears like microtia. Various types of ear reconstruction surgery, such as Stapedectomy, Tympanoplasty, Ear tube Surgery or Myringotomy and surgery for correcting congenital defects, are available to solve ear problems. Ear plastic surgery is an ear reconstruction surgery that is performed on individuals who do not have any deformity, but want to undergo the surgery to enhance their facial features.

Prosthetic Ear

Ear reconstruction is a complicated and challenging process. It is done with much care in two stages to mimic the normal ear. Even then, it is accompanied by many side effects and complications. So, there is a need for simple alternatives to ear reconstruction surgery. The answer lies in fixing a prosthetic ear. The prosthesis is attached to the skull with the support of two titanium pins inserted into the skull. This prosthesis has to be removed for cleaning everyday, and with proper maintenance it acts as a cheap alternative to the more complicated ear reconstruction.

Alternatives for Stapedectomy

In stapedectomy, the innermost bone (stapes) of the middle ear is removed surgically and a prosthetic steel wire is placed. It is done in order to aid the movement of sound to inner ear for people with progressive hearing loss. This procedure is too risky, as it may lead to increased hearing loss, so the alternative for this surgery is to use medication for otosclerosis, the root cause for hearing loss. Another way to treat this is by using hearing aids or perform a stapedotomy, where only a hole is bored in the stapes using laser light.

Alternatives for Tympanoplasty

Tympanoplasty is an ear reconstruction procedure performed to correct a perforated tympanic membrane which was caused due to chronic infection or trauma. Sometimes, grafts are placed to close large perforations. Due to the grafting, healing can fail or result in recurrent perforations. A similar treatment for this surgery is myringoplasty, another type of surgery.

Alternatives for Myringotomy

In Myringotomy, another ear reconstruction surgery, a small incision is made in the ear drum to draw out the fluid collection from the mid ear. This treatment is done for the inflammation of the middle ear. But, this leads to certain risks like permanent perforation of the ear drum, the formation of a granular node at the site of myringotomy, and the cutting of the outer ear. So, there are certain alternative treatments available for this procedure. Removal of adenoids may reduce the ear infections, and hence adenoidectomy is used as an alternative treatment to treat ear infections. Other treatments include changes in the smoking habits and good personal hygiene. Even homeopathic medicine has effective treatment to lower the risks of ear infections in children.

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