Recovery after Ear Reconstruction

An ear reconstruction surgery may be performed for a number of reasons, including birth defects or other possible injuries that affect the outer ear. The ear reconstruction surgery will aim at correcting any birth defects or injuries and make the ear look normal.

The recovery period after an ear reconstruction surgery is important in determining the final result.

Recovering from Ear Reconstruction

The recovery process after an ear reconstruction surgery will be more complex, as the plastic surgeon needs to get skin and cartilage from other parts of the body, which will require recovery care as well.

Typically, the skin will be taken from the upper thighs, while the cartilage will be harvested from the rib cage. The skin from the thighs should grow back, but you should keep the area under supervision, so as to prevent infections.

The incision in the rib cage area will take longer to heal than the other areas. The ear should also be kept bandaged, so that it won’t get infected. The plastic surgeon will prescribe some antibiotics to prevent infections.

There will be a lot of pain and a burning sensation; pain killers should be taken to relieve the pain. The plastic surgeon will also recommend a few topical ointments that should be used to promote healing.

You should avoid sleeping on the operated ear for 2 to 3 weeks. The recovery time may vary and will take 2 to 3 weeks on average. The recovery time will be extended in the rib cage area, due to the fact that the rib cage is moving at all times when you're breathing.

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