Advantages and Disadvantages of a Threadlift

Threadlift is among the few FDA-approved cosmetic treatments. It presents many advantages and a few disadvantages.

Advantage: Quicker, Undemanding Procedure

Often advertized as the ‘lunch-hour facelift’, threadlift is among the most progressive and quickly-conducted cosmetic procedures. It can be completed within two hours, and there is no fear of any side-effects that restrain daily activities. This quickness of the procedure stems from the fact that threadlift uses threads or fibers created with surgical precision.

Advantage: Customization of Results

Threadlift seeks the active participation of the patient during the treatment. The procedure is relatively painless and hence, anesthesia is not used. Thus, the patient is conscious throughout the procedure and in coordination with the attending surgeon. This helps to control the degree of skin-lifting through the patient’s active involvement.

Advantage: Neutralizes Chances of Explicit Stretching

There is no lag or interval time involved for the results to show in a threadlift. Unlike some procedures that take a few days for the actual results to surface, a threadlift yields immediate results. Thus, specialists performing threadlift don’t need to assume the degree of skin-stretching that would be achieved. This helps them to control the procedure and avoid the risk of creating the artificially-stretched or over-stretched appearance.

Disadvantage: Uncertain Long-term Results

It is rather difficult to provide an accurate estimation regarding the longevity of the results. The results might sustain themselves over a year or just a few months. Unlike other cosmetic treatments that often combine superficial and internal skin treatment or stimulate the formation of collagen to sustain long-term results, threadlift is one-dimensional. This means that it doesn’t stimulate or assist any anti-aging process. Its effects are totally dependent on the skillfulness of the attending surgeon. Further, lifestyle habits like weight-gain and smoking can quickly dissolve the effects of threadlift.

Disadvantage: Limited Application & Additional Expenses

When compared to other cosmetic treatments, threadlift seems to address a very small group of people. It cannot be used across all skin-types or for all degrees of sagging. Further, it is attributed towards one form of aging symptom only, i.e. sagging or wrinkling. It doesn’t provide a treatment for pigmentation/spotting, and it cannot be used for widespread skin-contouring. This can invariably lead to added expenses to seek additional anti-aging treatments.

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