Will My Insurance Company Pay for a Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty, or any other plastic surgery, can be a very expensive affair. But most of these procedures are only done for cosmetic benefits. For this very reason, most insurance companies do not cover the cost for these surgeries, as they cannot be defined as a ‘medical necessity’. If one’s surgeon submits correspondence that justifies rhinoplasty as required to better one’s health and quality of life, chances are high that insurance companies may pick up part of the cost.

What Is Covered by Insurance Companies

In the case of a reconstruction surgery that involves correcting any part of the face after trauma or an accident, an insurance company would pick up the cost. If rhinoplasty were required as part of the reconstruction surgery, then it too would be automatically covered. Also, in cases wherein a severe medical or congenital reason impedes a person’s ability to function normally, a rhinoplasty surgery may be covered. An example of such a case would be a deviated septum that causes breathing difficulties and migraines. These breathing problems can cause or complicate already existing sleep apnea and also disturb the overall function of the nostrils. Insurance policies differ from company to company and it is therefore important to understand the type of procedures covered by individual companies.

Although a rare occurrence, sometimes one may be denied coverage of rhinoplasty although justified as medically demanding by the plastic surgeon. In such cases, an individual is completely within their rights to request for a copy of the exact policy restrictions and further begin an appeals process.

Consult With A Professional Plastic Surgeon

Many plastic surgeons work regularly with many insurance providers and are happy to give advice on maximizing your insurance benefits. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to maximise your benefits and gain best results from your surgery.


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