When Will I Be Able to See the Results of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

As with any plastic surgery, patients are quite anxious to see the final results of a rhinoplasty as well. Sometimes, anxiety can be more with a nose job as it strongly impacts the way one looks.

Rhinoplasty Results Timeline

Nose is a very delicate structure and any alteration to the nasal region takes time to heal. The results therefore will not be immediately apparent, infact one’s nose might look completely different from what was desired. Swelling and bruising associated with rhinoplasty distorts the appearance of the nose, with swollen eyes and a puffy face only making the distortion more evident. However, major swelling remains for about ten days after which it begins to decline. The final result will not be apparent till all swelling has receded, and this takes anywhere between six months to a year. External scarring seen with an open approach rhinoplasty, although minimal, can take up to a year to soften.

The key to ensuring a positive outcome from this surgery is by managing expectations and being well informed about possible side effects and realistic recovery times. It is important to know that the original structure of a patients nose will restrict the possible outcomes and it is difficult to drastically alter the nose while keeping it strong enough to remain healthy. Having said that, it is encouraging to note that a change of even a few millimetres can have major, positive effects on the overall appearance.

Most clinics offer a preview of the final results by using computer aided simulation techniques to construct a 3-D virtual model of the face with the renewed nose.

Consult With Professional Plastic Surgeons

The best way to ensure good rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery results is to find a skilled, experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform the operation.


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