When Will I Be Able to Return to Work After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nose job, although seems small, is quite challenging as it directly impacts the overall look of an individual’s face. Hence there lays equal onus on patients to ensure that adequate and proper care is taken to facilitate total wound healing. Taking care of the wound requires patience and one pertinent question that might crop up in the minds of the patients is when they can get back to work.

Returning to Work After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Generally, people are able to return to work within a week to ten days post surgery. During the first week one sees an increase in the swelling, which later begins to subside. Drains are usually removed within a day or two following surgery and packing and splints (if any) within a week. Most people get back to work at this stage, however if an individual feels that his/her nose isn’t presentable, they may not feel comfortable to resume work. It is however useful to note that others don’t notice any swelling unless the patient makes a mention of it. 

Recovering from a Surgical Nose Job

Following post-operative instructions is critical to proper wound healing. One should go easy on anything that raises blood pressure or induces stress, like exercise, weight lifting etc. Avoid harsh nose blowing and take care to not rub or bump the nose. Completely avoid wearing eyeglasses as they put pressure on the bridge of the nose, and switch to contact lenses. 

It takes at least one year before the final result of a rhinoplasty begins to show, as the speed of recovery depends on surgery technique, thickness of the skin and an individual’s natural tendency to swell.

Consult With A Professional

To ensure best recovery that enables early resuming of one’s daily activities, consult with a certified professional and seek professional advice.


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