When is Rhinoplasty Usually Performed?

The nose is present in the most central part of the face and therefore defines the aesthetic appeal of a person. For this very reason, rhinoplasty is performed thousands of times a year on people from all walks of life.

By law, patients must be over 13 years to undergo this procedure, however, surgeons recommend that candidates at least reach their mid-teens. Two scenarios that warrant rhinoplasty are described below.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Getting a better-looking face is a strong stimulus for otherwise healthy patients to undergo rhinoplasty. Kids with crooked noses are often bullied and many teens are told they will “grow out of” their awkward phase. But in some cases, nasal region only seems to get more pronounced with age. Some adults are displeased with their appearance. Such cases warrant a nose job.

Correcting Structural Deformities

Some people are born with nasal deformities and some others develop deformities later in life due to accidents. Structural deformities often result in obstructed breathing and require surgical correction. Nasal stiffness and impaired breathing are common problems associated with improper nose. A deviated nasal septum (the partition between nostrils), that blocks either one or both nostrils, also restricts breathing. In such cases, a procedure called septorhinoplasty is done to bring the septum back into its right position and make breathing easier for patients.

In some other cases, the tissues lining the inside of the nose may sometimes overgrow, again causing nasal stuffiness. Rhinoplasty helps regain their size and expand the nasal passage.

Aging causes the nasal cartilage to weaken and droop, not withstanding gravity. Rhinoplasty corrects this problem and facilitates efficient breathing.

Consult With A Professional

If you are interested in a rhinoplasty for either aesthetic or functional reasons, speak with a certified plastic surgeon.


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