What Should I Expect Post Operatively Recovering from Nose Job Surgery?

To begin with, one should remember that immediately after surgery, the nose would not look anything like what one would have hoped for. It is swollen and bruised and this swelling extends to the eyes as well.

Immediately after rhinoplasty surgery, nasal packing is placed inside the nose to reduce bleeding. Soon after surgery, doctors prescribe painkillers to help patients cope with pain. A nasal splint is applied to hold bone and cartilage in the new shape. The patient is not allowed to drive back home after surgery as they could develop headaches and cannot concentrate on the road.

Doctors recommend application of cold compress to reduce bleeding and bring down the swelling. A short course of antibiotics and steroids are given to help prevent infection and excess swelling. If one wears eyeglasses, they should tape their eyeglasses to avoid stress on the nose.

Post-operative Nose Job Care

Post-op care instructions differ from surgeon to surgeon, but a few general guidelines are as follows:

  1. Keep the head elevated to minimize swelling.
  2. The first few days may involve bleeding. Avoid swallowing this blood as it makes the patient feel nauseated.
  3. Avoid any activity that induces stress for 4-6 weeks, as this may impede healing.
  4. Avoid cigarette smoking or even being in an area of excessive smoke as this irritates the nasal tissue and impedes healing.
  5. Do not blow your nose or sniff excessively as this will only irritate the healing tissues.
  6. Use a humidifier to ease breathing.

Consult With A Professional Cosmetic Surgeon

Recovery from a rhinoplasty surgery requires patience. Following the right care post surgery is critical to wound healing. Consult with a certified plastic surgeon that can provide the right care guidelines to yield desirable results.


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