Non-Invasive Alternatives to Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery is among the most commonly-sought procedures within the field of cosmetic surgery. However, some people are hesitant about undertaking a plastic surgery to improve the aesthetics of their nose. Most of these apprehensions are due to the highly invasive nature of a conventional nose surgery though the results are known to be very satisfying. Thus, non-invasive alternatives to nose surgery have become popular. These alternatives put forth lower costs, ease-of-treatment and reasonably-good results. Some of the common non-invasive alternatives to nose surgery have been explained below.

Dermal Fillers

Often referred to as non-surgical rhinoplasty, various treatments using dermal fillers provide an easy alternative to a nose surgery. The basic principle of all dermal filler treatments is the same, i.e. to use a filler material that is compatible with the skin for augmenting, contouring and balancing the dynamics of a facial feature. In nasal application, the fillers are directed at improving the appearance of the nose by inserting the filler material along the nasolabial folds and the corners of the nostrils.

However, dermal filler treatment cannot be used for significantly overhauling the appearance of the noseラsomething possible through nose surgery only. The most common types of dermal fillers recommended in this regard, include:


Juvedermᆴ is among the very first of dermal fillers to have engaged attention from people looking for a quick-fix method to redefine their nose. Here, the dermal filler is injected below the dermis or the second layer of the facial skin. The filler is soft and after injection, it tends to push-out the skin's surface, thereby eliminating skin folds. The filler in Juvedermᆴ is safe and is derived from hyaluronic acid. The filler retains its affect for about 8-to-10 months.

Juvedermᆴ is used to plump-out certain parts of the nose. It is ideally suited for filling-up the nasolabial folds and the aging signs like deep lines that are present around the base of the nose. If the results of Juvedermᆴ treatment need to changed, the attending dermatologist can easily dissolve the earlier filler material with an injection of certain enzymes.


Radiesse is reputed to be among the safest of dermal fillers since it uses fillers derived from calcium hydroxyapatiteラa naturally-occurring compound found in the human body. This unique filler material is unlike any other in the dermal filler niche. Instead of retaining its original form, it is absorbed by the surrounding skin. Thus, some people believe that the results of Radiesse are the most natural-looking, as the filler cannot be sensed even upon touching the treated site.


Artefill is among the most recent of dermal fillers and among the rare, cosmetic treatments that have earned an FDA approval. Unlike other fillers, Artefill is regarded as a permanent filler, i.e. its results can last for many years and the re-treatment expense is largely negated. Artefill uses a filler material prepared from microspheres of poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA. It is an ideal alternative to non-surgical rhinoplasty, as it offers precision-based treatment and negligible chances of any side-effects.

Non-surgical cartilage reduction of the nose is perhaps the most specialized use of dermal fillers for altering the outline of the nose. This is done by starting with any of the temporary fillers listed above, before making a commitment towards a long-term, sustainable treatment with Artefill.

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