How to Tell if a Bump is Swelling or Bone Misalignment after Nose Surgery?

Nose surgeryᅠhas a lot of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Some people prefer nose surgery because of serious problems like an injury or improper breathing, while some undergo nose surgery to improve their looks. Whatever the reason may be, good consultation with a surgeon on the predicaments must be well understood.

After rhinoplasty and a couple of months to soothe your new looking nose, you may wonder whether a bump that you can see is swelling or bone misalignment. It might not be easy to tell, which is why you must be well informed by your surgeon.


The bumps,ᅠalso called ムbossae,' may occur on both sides of the nose. The nose is composed of bones and cartilage which can break easily. If it is swelling, it should come from an injured tissue and is usually very painful when moving the fractured bones and cartilage.

Bone Misalignment

On the other hand, bone misalignment is evident by a broken cartilage or bone which may appear to be out of place. Take a look at any photo that you had taken before the injury and compare. The difference in the two noses will clearly tell you if bone misalignment has occured.

It can take quite a long time for all swelling to go down, but bone misalignment will probably readjust in a couple of weeks.ᅠYour patience after the surgery is all that counts, and there is a guaranteed high success rate of a complete nose job as long as you stick to your part of the deal.

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