Will My Insurance Company Pay for a Facelift Surgery ?

Health insurance will usually only cover the costs of any type of cosmetic surgery if the procedure is deemed necessary for medical reasons.  For example, one type of cosmetic surgery that is covered by most health insurance policies is reconstructive surgery.  Reconstructive surgery is performed to repair functions of the body damaged or deformed from birth, disease or trauma.

Facelift surgery as elective surgery

Facelift surgery is usually performed for elective reasons, meaning the procedure is not medically required.  Most people choose to have facelift surgery to improve appearance and self-esteem.  Therefore, it is rare that health insurance covers the cost of facelift surgery.

Some cosmetic surgeries are performed for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.  In these situations, your insurance company may need to consider your case on an individual basis, deciding whether the benefits of the surgery are for improvement of your health or only for cosmetic reasons.  For example, an eyelift is an example of a procedure that can be performed to change your physical appearance, but could be medically necessary to improve your vision. 

Working with your health benefits

Contact the benefits administrator for your insurance policy to discuss any specific questions regarding your coverage that are not answered in your benefits manual.  Most importantly, request your doctor’s help in learning whether your insurance covers costs of the procedure. 

After you meet to discuss the procedure and any related costs, your plastic surgeon may send a letter to your insurance company, detailing the medical reasons for the surgery, if any, and requesting approval.


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