What is a SMAS Face Lift?

A SMAS face lift is a surgery procedure that is carried out in order to reduce sagginess in the neck and cheeks. SMAS stands for Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System. This process acts on areas of the face that have muscles attached to them; these parts are corrected during the SMAS cosmetic surgery. The procedure involves a full lift of the muscles on your face. The target area is the deepest layer of your skin.

How It Worksᅠ

SMAS face lift tightens the layer of connective tissue between the outer skin layer and the muscles underneath it to improve the tightness of the facial features. The result is a younger look with smoother and tighter skin.

Incisions are made in two places: one close to the hairline and the other one beneath the chin. Excess fat and skin tissue is extracted from the chin muscle. These extractions are then inserted into the affected area, the hairline in this case. The extra tissues are inserted in a manner that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and creases on the face. Both the incisions are finally closed at the end of the surgery using a single layer of sutures.

Depending upon the area you'd like corrected through the SMAS face lift, surgeons can make incisions around the ears or nose as well. An example is the eyelid where surgeons remove extra fatty tissues and skin from a thin strip of muscle elsewhere in the body and insert into the eyelids to give them a more plump and lifted appearance.ᅠ

Recovery Time

You can expect a quick recovery after this surgery. Modern cosmetic technology used in the SMAS face lift causes less bruising and swelling than it used to in past decades. Cosmetic experts are now more careful and create extremely small incisions to carry out the surgery. This ensures a quicker and safer recovery.

Success Rate

Past patients of this surgery have been known to experience hematoma formation and bleeding post-surgery. Patients suffering from high blood pressure or those who frequently consume aspirin need to be careful and consult their physician before the surgery. Regardless of the risks involved, you must be aware that a very small percentage of patients face such complications after the surgery. Such risk exists with any and every kind of medical surgery.

If you've got your mind set on having a SMAS face lift done, consult with your doctor and cosmetic surgeon. Once you've got the green signal from them, you can go ahead with the surgery. However, do remember to remain calm, patient and relaxed during the surgery. A tense demeanor will affect both your mental status as well as the doctors. In some cases, stress may cause complications. Another possibility is the surgeon making a mistake because of a tense and fidgety patient. You can expect an overnight stay of two to three nights in the hospital after the surgery is completed.ᅠ

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