What to Expect during an Eyelid Lift

Eyelid lift surgeries differ depending on the patient's specific condition. He or she will either undergo a surgery that works on the lower or upper eyelid region, and sometimes even both. Generally, the procedure provides long lasting results, though aging tends to reverse the results gradually.

Eyelid Lift Procedures

Multiple possibilities exist when surgeons perform eyelid lifts on patients. In most cases the surgical specialist will simply remove or redistribute fat deposits around the eyelids. The surgeon also takes any excess skin or muscle tissue off of the areas surrounding the upper and lower eyelids.

Each patient requires a different step by step procedure in order to correct his or her appearance. The eyelids have two distinct regions, both of which tend to cause sagging issues as old age settles in. However, not all patients have problems with both regions, allowing surgeons and physicians to best decide which process to use.

The Lift Procedure

After the patient receives anesthesia, the surgeon will begin making incisions on different areas of the eyelid. For a lifting procedure, surgeons generally start by making an incision along the creasing area of the upper lid. The layer of skin is removed. Depending on the severity of the sagging, surgeons will decide whether or not to remove muscle tissue as well.

Once the top layers are removed, surgeons then remove or shape the fat deposits on the upper and lower eyelid portions, depending on the procedure required. The incisions are then sewn shut and the patient heals over the next few weeks.

The entire procedure will take 1 to 2 hours in total.

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