Eye Lid Lift

One of the most noticeable features of any face are a person's eyes. Since the color of the iris is the most prominent characteristic of the eye, people often overlook the importance of the eyelid in determining the beauty of an eye. Droopy, baggy, or puffy eyelids can cause a person to appear and drawn and exhausted at all times, which greatly detracts from their attractiveness. One option to counteract this is an eyelid lift, also known as Belpharoplasty. This plastic surgery procedure helps restore a vibrant look to the eyes.

How Eyelid Lifts Are Performed?

An eyelid lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which means the patient is asleep and unable to feel anything while the operation takes place. The surgeon will make an incision in the eyelid that allows him or her to move or remove fat or excess skin in the eyelid area, or tighten the eyelid muscles. Simple sutures are used to close the incision when the procedure is finished. Fortunately, the incision is placed in such a way that it should blend into the natural folds of the eyelid.

Recovering After an Eyelid Lift

It takes around two weeks for the swelling to subside after an eye lift. At that the point, the full results of the procedure should be evident, although it may take longer before the scars fade into invisibility. It's important to note that this surgery can make you look younger only temporarily. Age will continue to affect your eyelids, and additional eyelid lifts may be needed in the future.

Potential Problems

Any type of surgery, including cosmetic surgery, carries a certain degree of risk with it. There are a number of potential side effects of an eyelid lift, although none of them are common. Some of these effects include dry eyes, blurred vision, or difficulty closing the eyes. In more severe cases, complications such as blot clots, persisting pain, and serious infections can occur. Perhaps the worst-case scenario involves total loss of eyesight. These side effects are rare, but it is important to understand all the risks involved in this kind of surgery.


An eyelid lift is fairly inexpensive when compared to some other facial cosmetic surgery procedures. An eyelid lift averages at around $2,500, though this number can fluctuate based on a number of factors. Different surgeons charge different fees and use different facilities, which may drastically affect the cost. The only way to acquire an accurate estimate is to discuss an eyelid lift with a plastic surgeon.

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