Non-Invasive Alternatives to Chin Surgery

If you would like to improve the appearance of your chin, without invasive chin surgery, there are a few alternative treatments. Traditional chin augmentation requires surgery. It also requires a longer recovery period.

These alternatives are non-invasive ways to gain a more symmetrical and youthful appearance. You will not have to undergo a lengthy recovery period, as you can normally return to your daily activities shortly after these alternative procedures.

Dermal Fillers

Many corrections to the chin can be achieved through the use of dermal fillers. If you suffer from a weak or receding chin, the use of dermal fillers in the jowl area can raise the jowls, improving the overall appearance of the chin. Your health care provider may also suggest using the fillers as a way to increase mass in the chin.

The development of jowls is often associated with age. By lifting the jowl line, you can improve the contour of your chin and cheek area. Dermal fillers can fill in the hollows of the jowls, giving you a symmetrical appearance. This is especially helpful if you want to reduce the appearance of a protruding chin.

Types of Contouring Dermal Fillers

  • Artefill is a bovine collagen that has been suspended in a solution containing microspheres.
  • Radiesse is a carboxymethylcellulose gel suspended in a solution of hydroxylapatite microspheres. After injection, the connective tissue at the treatment site begins to form around the microspheres, producing a fuller look. This is a permanent filler and results last up to two years.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical found in the tissue of living organisms. Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Captique are all hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Fat fillers (Autologous fat transfer) are created from your own body fat. Your doctor extracts the fat from your buttocks, thighs or stomach. It is then processed and purified before it is injected into the treatment area. Fat will plump up the treatment areas, but they are quickly absorbed by the body. Results may last as little as a few weeks. Fat fillers are not long lasting and require additional treatments.

Non-Invasive Liposuction

Although these procedures are widely available and popular, they are not approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA.)

  • Mesotherapy is a process in which a small amount vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected into the treatment area, in order to restore balance to the skin and tissue
  • Lipodissolve is a process in which phosphatidylcoline (PPC), a natural enzyme found in soy is injected into the treatment area. The fat breaks down and is eliminated through the urine.
  • Radio Frequency is a procedure that can tighten and brighten the skin. Using radio frequency, the skin below the surface is stimulated into contraction. Stronger, thicker strands of collagen begin to form, and skin tightens.

Laser Therapies

Laser rejuvenation therapy repairs damaged skin and encourages the formation of new collagen. The new collagen adds fullness and youthfulness to the skin. The brighter, firmer skin will reduce the appearance of minor chin abnormalities.

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