Chin Surgery

How Important is Chin Surgery?

In this modern heyday of plastic surgery, it is hard to imagine why someone who has a congenital defect like a weak chin would not choose to go ahead and have it fixed through chin surgery.  The procedure is relatively common and there are not many problems associated with this kind of cosmetic surgery.

What’s Involved in the Procedure?

When you are getting aesthetic chin surgery done, you are looking at an outpatient cosmetic surgery that will most likely be minimally invasive.  This means that when you go in you will have cuts and stitches on your chin area, and there will be some noticeable swelling for days afterward.  Most plastic surgery procedures of this type will require a couple of hours of surgery, so be prepared to spend the day at the hospital.

Relevant Recovery Information

When you are considering getting surgical chin augmentation, it is important that you discuss the healing times with your plastic surgeon beforehand.  These can vary between different procedures and you’ll need to know exactly what you are getting into.  However, since it is a surgical procedure that does involve the doctor going under the skin and down to the jawbone, the healing will generally take about two months or more before you’re back to one hundred percent.  Sometimes you might even have to go on a liquid diet for a few days if it is one of the more serious and complicated procedures.

Some of the Associated Cost Factors

The average cost of chin surgery can depend on what type of augmentation procedure you are having done, and only your cosmetic surgeon can give you a direct quote.  If you are just trying to get an estimate on how much to save up, it’s best to plan on spending around $2,000 for the surgeon.  This figure won’t include anything associated with the hospital’s costs or anesthesia, so this number will undoubtedly be larger.

Are There any Dangers?

Anytime you go under anesthetic for any reason there is automatically a risk involved, and this includes those individuals who are going in for chin surgery.  This is because there can be countless problems associated with people who are undergoing surgery, including both infection risks and anesthesia.  However, chin augmentation is generally considered a relatively safe procedure.


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