Advantages and Disadvantages of Chin Surgery

Chin surgery is a cosmetic procedure which can reduce, reshape, or add to an existing chin.ᅠ By helping to create a new shape for this part of the face, a patient will be able to create a strong profile or reconstruction a chin which has been damaged in an injury or accident. There are several advantages and disadvantages to chin surgery.

Advantages of Chin Surgery

One of the greatest advantages of chin surgery is the patient's ability to shape their chin in any way they see fit. This will help the patient begin to create the face they desire or emulate the face of another person. With this surgery, a patient will also be able to reduce the size of their chin or create a more pronounced profile. With implants, the chin surgery can help to add volume to a sunken face or create the appearance of a stronger jaw line.

Disadvantages of Chin Surgery

A chin surgery cannot fix all of the patient's problems, however. In helping to reshape the face, the rest of the face may seem out of balance. This can lead to additional surgeries and adjustments. For those without health insurance to cover cosmetic procedures, the chin surgery can be an expensive endeavor, though many cosmetic surgery practices offer low cost financing and payment plans.

With chin surgery, a patient can change the way they look through a low risk surgery.

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