Using Submalar Cheek Implants with Paranasal Implants

In the world of cosmetic surgery, cheek implants play a very important role. Many prefer and consider high cheekbones as an attractive feature. Submalar cheek implants fit on the underside of the cheek bone, which helps lift up saggy tissues and fills out the hollow-like area under the cheek. It comes in two styles: the tear trough implant that is a specialized lower orbital rim implant and the pyriform aperture implant that fits along the bone forming a side rim of the nasal cavity.

A paranasal or premaxillary implant is usually used to make a concave face look much convex by either using the orbital rim or the permanent filler between the nose and the upper lip.

Are Both Possible?

Both of these procedures are possible, but you have to be aware of the risks involved in merging the two to your benefit. Obviously, emphasis is laid on the size of implants placed, ranging from small to large. You should therefore let the surgeon conduct a preliminary examination where he will check how the submalar cheek implants with paranasal implants are going to work in your case. Depending on the preliminary exam, the doctor will permission affirmation or otherwise.

Lateral Placementᅠ

A submalar implant can be placed more laterally to allow a paranasal implant. These implants are available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large and can be laterally placed in the area of the cheek bone that needs augmentation. The main purpose is to simply add volume to the cheek, so it is possible to place them laterally.

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