Ridge Line Lump on Cheek after a Neck and Cheek Lift

The occurrence of a ridge line lump after a neck and cheek lift is common. This is due to the presence of palpable ridge lines on the side of the cheeks. These were uplifted to restore a youthful look on the skin. Usually, ridge line lumps take four to six months after surgery to completely fade away. During this time, doctors advise regular massage therapy to keep the skin supple and ease out any rigidity that the patient may feel on the skin surface.

Ridge Line Lumps after Neck and Cheek Lift

It is important for the patient to maintain frequent check-ups with the doctor to fully recover. Ridge line lumps are completely normal and a patient should not feel any great concern due to this occurrence. Consider it an after effect of the neck and cheek lift surgery.

Also known as mid-face lift, the surgery enhances the fullness of the cheeks and under-eyes. It gives the face a lift and restores the natural shape and contour of the face. Normally, middle aged or elderly people go for cheek lift surgery because, with age, the skin tends to sag and loses its elasticity. The mid-face lift corrects indentations and eye puffiness, while bringing about other beneficial effects.

In certain cases, cheek lift surgery only involves addressing the lower eyelid area. In other cases, doctors approach the cheeks through the mouth or from the head. However, no matter what kind of neck and cheek lift surgery is performed, ridge line lumps are a possible outcome and patient should not get perturbed by them. Time and regular massage will help them to heal.ᅠ

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