Sensitivity Side Effect

If you’re considering getting any sort of surgery done on your breasts, there’s some important information to take into account. It is possible that any sort of procedure performed on the breasts, be it breast reduction or augmentation, can potentially cause the sensitivity side effect, wherein a breast become more or less sensitive than they were prior to surgery. Fortunately, these effects are often temporary, but it’s still important to know and understand possible breast augmentation side effects. With this knowledge you can make a more informed decision.

Nerves in the Breasts

Generally, a good plastic surgeon is very careful to avoid damaging nerve tissue when performing a procedure. That said, sometimes modifications to nerve path ways or nerve damage can occur. Many procedures steer entirely clear of the nerves that connect to the nipple – these surgeries are the surest way to avoid the sensitivity side effect. The nerve cluster known as the fourth intercostal nerve branch, is the one that connect to the nipple. For the most part, doctors can easily identify and avoid severing these nerves. However, placing unusually large breast implants may stretch nerve tissue too thin, causing a change in sensitivity. This breast implant side effect can be disconcerting to say the least.

Studies on Breast Sensitivity Side Effect

Some doctors will actually test nipple sensitivity prior to a procedure, in order to measure the change in sensitivity. This isn’t an exact science, but can be useful if a change in sensitivity occurs.

Studies in this breast sensitivity side effect have produced some interesting information. One study revealed that for most patients who undergo breast reduction surgery, breast sensitivity was largely unaffected. 90% of these patients retained full sensitivity of their breasts. The study also revealed a correlation between the amount of breast tissue removed and the retention of breast sensitivity. Patients who had smaller amounts of breast tissue removed tended to keep full sensitivity in their breasts.

Another study showed that smaller breasts actually tended to be more sensitive than larger ones. That’s one breast augmentation side effect that could certainly affect your decision about getting larger breasts.

It’s very important to understand all the side effects, even minor ones, before you decide on breast augmentation surgery. The sensitivity side effect may seem relatively minor, but it’s important to know about nonetheless – surgery is one area where surprises are never good!

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