Medical Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

If your breasts are large and you constantly suffer from shoulder, neck and back pain, a breast reduction surgery may be a good option to help alleviate the negative symptoms you are experiencing. When considering breast reduction surgery, it is important to have a good understanding of everything that is involved with this surgery to best ensure a positive outcome. Excessively large breasts can lead to certain medical conditions that are directly caused by the weight of the breasts and how that weight affects other areas of the body. Some of the common symptoms breast reduction candidates experience are skin irritation, posture problems, irritations in the nerves of the fingers and indentations on the shoulders from bra straps. Having unusually large breasts can also make a woman self-conscious and limit the types of clothing she feels comfortable wearing. The goal of a breast reduction is typically to contour the breasts to that they are better proportioned and sized more appropriately in relation to the rest of the patient's body. By reducing the mass of the breast tissue, shoulder, neck and back pain, along with the indentations on the shoulders, will typically be significantly less after the procedure. Posture is often improved, and some women report that they are able to participate in sports and wear a wider variety of clothing after their breast reduction because they feel less restricted by the size of their chests. Asthmatics and individuals with sleep apnea may find some relief after undergoing breast reduction, as the procedure results in reduced weight and pressure being put on the chest wall, allowing for easier breathing. An additional benefit of breast reduction surgery is that the results are largely permanent. While it is possible for the breasts to grow larger if a significant amount of weight is gained, the results can be maintained for many years by sustaining a healthy weight. Because no implants or other synthetic materials are placed inside the body in this cosmetic procedure, there is no risk of a negative reaction by the body to a foreign object. For more information about breast reduction surgery and the medical benefits it can provide, contact a qualified plastic surgeon.

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