Non-Invasive Alternatives to Breast Lift

A Breast Lift is a cosmetic surgery that raises and lifts the breasts. Excess skin is removed and the surrounding tissue is tightened to reshape and enhance droopy breasts. Since women want to appear young and active, a breast lift is often a procedure which is considered. A breast lift is, however, an invasive procedure. The following are a few non-invasive alternatives to a breast lift.

Caci Bust Treatment

This bust treatment uses a hand-held device to strengthen the breast muscles. Electrical impulses are sent toning the breasts. The Caci bust treatment device was designed by doctors and was previously used to treat sports and muscle injuries.

Non-Invasive Aptos Procedure

The Aptos procedure モBreast Feather Liftヤ is a non-invasive breast lift that is performed under local anesthesia unlike the traditional breast lift, which is normally done under a general anesthesia. Threads that leave no scarring are inserted at different angles under the skin. Downtime is less than one week with little discomfort and no scarring.

Botox for Breasts

Many practitioners are now utilizing Botox injections to raise and enhance breasts. Injecting Botox into the pectoralis muscles causes relaxation. The back muscles then try to compensate. This process raises the breasts. Breast Botox normally lasts for about 3 to 4 months. There have not been enough studies to determine the long-term risks and side effects for this type of treatment.

Bras to Enhance Breasts

Good under-wire bras or brassieres can lift and enhance breasts without the need for a breast lift surgery. There are many reputable lingerie shops that cater to both young and more mature women to help with these problem areas, and fulfill the need for breast support and lifting. Many are trained to fit and customize the bras to suit the individual's particular body and needs.

Exercises to Tone Chest Muscles

By focusing on the chest muscles, exercises can enhance the breasts. As women age, breasts often become droopy. Breasts may also become saggy due to breastfeeding or with weight loss. A raised breast can create a more youthful appearance. Weightlifting and pushups are both great exercises to help to lift the breasts. The butterfly machine, that is frequently found at a gym, is another great way to exercise and to tone and strengthen the chest muscles, and to enhance the breasts.

Shaping Systems

There are different shaping systems on the market, but there is only one that is known to be FDA-approved, the モBrava Breast Enhancement Systemヤ. This breast shaping system is known to be safe and effective, with the possibility of the treatment lasting for at least up to two years or maybe longer. Women wear the bra shaping system with a sports bra. This system promises to increase the breast size for up to one full cup when it is worn for 10 hours per day for at least 10 weeks. Breast tissue will frequently continue to grow if it is worn longer. Gentle tension stimulates the breast tissue to grow, indicating that this may be a non-invasive alternative to a breast lift.

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