Breast Lift Surgery after Pregnancy

After childbirth and breast feeding most women notice that their breasts have fallen victim to gravity.  There are many different exercises, creams, and more that claim to make return the breasts of new mothers to their previous state but few of these methods work.  One method that is guaranteed to reverse the signs of breast feeding and pregnancy is the breast lift.

What is a Breast Lift

Breast lifts are new and a fairly simple cosmetic surgery that helps lift the breasts back into their original position; this surgery can also be combined with a tummy tuck, liposuction and/or abdominoplasty for a procedure called a mommy makeover.  This procedure is extremely invasive and should not be done until six months after child birth or until six months after a child has been weaned off of breast milk.  During the surgery a plastic surgeon makes a small incision into the breasts and moves extra fat and tissue in order to lift the breast up into its former state.  In the past this surgery was popular with older women but now women who have breast fed or simply been pregnant have taken advantage of the procedure to help restore the firmness and youth to breasts.

Recovery after Breast Lifts

The average recovery period after a breast lift varies from woman to woman.  Many women are back on their feet a few days after the surgery.  Others require more time to rest and experience more pain which can be treated with the help of prescription pain killers that will be provided by the surgeon.  Swelling and bruising will occur as well but this can often be treated with cold compresses.  Many plastic surgeons recommend using bags of frozen vegetables to alleviate the pain that is caused by swelling which is sometimes described as a burning sensation.

Side Effects of Breast Lifts

Breast lift surgeries are invasive which increases the chance of complication.  While most women go through the surgery and recovery period with little trouble others experience different side effects.  Extensive scarring is the most common and least liked side effect that occurs when the surgeon has to make a larger incision than previously planned or is not able to close the incision properly.

Infection is also common and can cause extreme pain and other problems if it spreads.  After a breast lift make sure the area remains clean and dry.  If you notice excessive bleeding, the leaking of any fluids that seems to be yellowish, or notice that you have a fever contact your surgeon immediately or seek emergency care.  Do not wait and hope that the symptoms clear up without help.


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