Breast Lift Procedure

Women of all ages know that genetics, time, gravity, children and weight loss can all take a toll on the shape and firmness of their breasts. Breast enhancement through raising and reshaping your breasts may be the answer to your breast beauty problem, because you can add perk without adding implants

Sagging of the breasts happens for several reasons, and it occurs in many women to different extents. Called ptosis, this sagging is defined by plastic surgeons in three degrees: mild ptosis, in cases where nipples have dropped to the level of the breast crease; moderate ptosis, where nipples have dropped below the breast crease; and advanced ptosis, when nipples are pointed down toward the floor.

Qualified surgeons make assessments of breast enhancement procedures based on several factors. The degree of ptosis, nipple position, the amount of excess skin, size of the areola, skin elasticity and breast volume can all effect breast lift procedures and outcome possibilities. Lifting breast enhancements do not include the insertion of implants, but reshape the breast and lift skin and tissues to create a more elevated, voluminous, taut appearance. To find out what your best option for breast surgery may be, consult with a plastic surgeon about breast augmentation procedures.

Breast Lift Procedure

Several consultations with your surgeon will help you to determine which technique will be used to address your specific needs. Depending on your doctor and the surgical technique, the procedure can take up to three hours. Breast lift, or mastopexy, involves making an incision around the areola and two incisions down the breast. This keyhole incision enables the surgeon to reposition the nipple and reshape the breast.

Depending on the severity of ptosis, or sagging, the nipple may be moved to a higher position, excess skin removed, and skin tightened to create a firmer higher breast without the insertion of an implant. The number and pattern of incisions depend on the elasticity of the skin and the extent of the procedure.

Breast Lift Cost

Average fees for breast lift breast enhancement can range from $4000 to $8000, depending on the scope of the procedure. Be aware that you should take into account costs for anesthetic and your after care products. If the price of the surgery is too high, you may be a candidate for a cosmetic surgery loan.

Recovery from a Breast Lift

Your doctor will determine with you what type of anesthetic is the proper choice for the procedure. Typically, patients receive general anesthetic or local anesthetic and sedatives. After the surgery, most breast lift patients describe aching, bruising and swelling, but pain medication is prescribed to manage pain.

You will be able to return home to recover several hours after your surgery. Surgical tape and bandages will be applied to incisions to speed healing, and patients can expect to return to work in a week with elastic bandages and surgical bra to protect dressings for the first several post-surgery days.

Expect discomfort to last for several weeks as healing continues, and you will be advised not to undertake any vigorous activity for approximately four to six weeks. Results of breast enhancements are immediate; however, final results will not be definite until swelling is reduced completely. Once the swelling and discoloration subside, you should be very pleased with your results. The use of a compression garment will likely be recommended by your doctor to help with swelling.

Risk from Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexy is considered a serious surgery and should be treated as such. Side effects can range from bruising and numbness to infection, bleeding and permanent numbness. Scarring and asymmetry can occur, as well as other complications ranging from sagging relapse to heavy scarring. Be aware that all surgical procedures carry risk and that your procedure's outcome is determined by correct consultation, surgery and after-care from an accredited and experienced surgeon and facility.

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