When Considering Breast Enlargement Sizes, Set Realistic Expectations

The choices available when considering breast enlargement sizes allow you the freedom to be as large breasted as you want. However, you should set realistic expectations because you could experience back and shoulder problems if you go too large. The Breast Implant Center of Hawaii will give you their expert advice during your initial consultation.

This type of surgery has grown in popularity over the years and implants allow a wide range of breast enlargement sizes. As you age, gravity takes its toll and breast augmentation surgeries can give you that perky and youthful silhouette you used to have.

Natural breasts appear larger than implants. If you wear a D cup bra after breast enlargement, you will appear more like a C cup in your clothes. For this reason, some women can become frustrated over breast enlargement sizes because they don’t want to go to small.

Sometimes, your plastic surgeon will allow you to try on implants to get an idea. Another way to experiment with breast enlargement sizes is to try on different sizes of bras.

Some women experiment at home by filling an old knee high pantyhose with rice, potato flakes, oatmeal or grits and trying them on beneath a sports bra. The way this experiment works is to determine the number of “cc’s” needed for the proper size. One cup equals 236cc. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to have your implant beneath the muscle, you will need to add an additional 15% to get the desired breast enlargement sizes.

During your initial consultation, Breast Implant Center of Hawaii can advise you on which breast enlargement sizes would be advised for your build and structure. You don’t want to get carried away and look “top heavy”. By setting realistic expectations, they will look natural and enhance your figure, not detract from it. In fact, some women may decide on a breast lift procedure instead.

Another thing to keep in mind is that plastic surgeons don’t typically talk bra or cup sizes, so the cc test can help them determine the approximate size you desire. Sometimes, it helps to take photographs or magazine photos that have the approximate breast enlargement sizes you have in mind.

Implants are generally wider than natural breasts and the weight of the implants may need to be considered. Silicone implants weigh more than saline implants, so the weight of the various breast enlargement sizes could affect whether you get backaches or not.

Breast augmentation procedures have been performed by skilled plastic surgeons at the Breast Implant Center of Hawaii for over 20 years. You can trust their sound advice when it comes to choosing the right breast enlargement sizes for your procedure. You will regain that youthful appearance, shapely figure and self confidence you had when you were younger.

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