What are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are inserts made of silicone or saline that are surgically placed into the area of the breasts.  Males or females are both candidates for breast implant surgery.   Breast implant surgery can also entail lifting the breast tissue at the same time.  Your surgeon will help you decide which type of breast implants are best for you depending on your age, size, expectations and of course how much money you expect to spend.

Breast Implant Procedudure and Process

Breast implant surgery is usually done under general anesthesia, but your surgeon might also do your breast implant surgery under might also be done with local anesthetics and sedation medications.  Depending on the type of breast implant and your surgeon’s preference, your incision can be in one of several places.  Your doctor places the implant either above the muscles or below the muscles of your chest wall depending on your preference.  You will spend several hours after the procedure in the hospital or surgical center and then be discharged home. Your surgeon will prescribe you pain medication prior to having you go home. 

Risks of Getting Breast Implants

Although complications are rare, they do occasionally occur after breast implant surgery.  Some of the most common risks include:

  • Infection
  • Changes in sensation
  • The formation of scar tissue around the implant

Recovery After Breast Implant Surgery

After surgery you will have dressings over the implant site.  The dressings will be in place for several days.  After three to five days your surgeon will allow you to shower.  Your breasts may feel swollen, tender and even itchy for up to a week afterwards.  Any bruising or swelling usually goes away within several days.  Your doctor will prescribe you pain medicine that you can take for several days.  Your surgeon will advise you to not do any strenuous activity for several weeks after surgery.

Breast Implant Cost

The cost of your new breast implants will depend on the type of breast implant you chose and your surgeon.  Implants generally cost between four and ten thousand dollars.

Consult with A Cosmetic Surgeon

Your surgeon will help you decide what type of breast implants are the best choice for you.  If you are considering breast implant surgery, see an experienced plastic surgeon.


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