Post-Breast Augmentation Lifestyle & Maintenance

A Breast Augmentation surgery is an option for women that would like to have larger sized breasts. The results of the procedure may be kept for a long time, as long as the patient has a suitable lifestyle and avoids complications of Breast Augmentation. The surgery will modify the body of the patient, so the patient will have to make some lifestyle changes as well. After the Breast Augmentation procedure, the patient will also be exposed to several risks (i.e. ruptures or capsular contraction), which should be avoided.

After the Surgery

After the surgery, the patient has to follow the indications of the plastic surgeon. The constrictive bandage should be worn for 3 to 7 days, until the wounds start healing. Physical effort should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks to avoid the rupturing of the sutures.

Bras and Breast Implants

Women with breast implants should choose the right bra according to the new breast size. The bra shouldn't be too tight, as this may press too hard against the implants causing a rupture.

Generally speaking, women with implants should avoid any direct pressure applied on the breasts, including sleeping on the stomach which can damage the implants, causing ruptures that can be dangerous for the patient's health.

Self Examination of Breasts

Given that there are a few possible risks associated with breast implants, it is imperative that women with Breast Augmentation surgery check their breasts on a regular basis. The implants may rupture, modify their position or cause rippling. There may also be bumps, marks or skin discoloration.

If any of these problems are detected, the plastic surgeon must be notified and the breasts should be checked immediately.

The best time to check the breasts is 3 days after the menstrual cycle, so that the breast tissues are not swollen, and there will be no suspicious swellings that may be caused by the menstrual cycle and the hormonal fluctuation.

Mammograms after Breast Augmentation

After the Breast Augmentation procedure, the patient may have problems with the results of mammograms. The results may not be accurate, as the implants are not transparent when x-rayed and may cover parts of the breast tissue. The mammogram technician should be informed before the test about the implants, as the pressure during the screening procedure may cause the implants to rupture. It is essential that the radiologist who performs the screening is skilled and has experience in performing and interpreting mammograms on patients with breast implants.

Patients with Breast Augmentation will not require mammograms more often than other women, but it is important to get regular mammograms.

MRI Scans and Breast Implants

Patients with breast implants should have regular MRI scans, especially after the implants are older than 5 years. The x-rays cannot detect ruptures in the breast implants, but the MRI scan can show more conclusive results. If the breast implants are leaking, the solution may be harmful for the patient's health.

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