Pectoral Implants for Men

Even men in tip-top shape can have trouble developing their pectoral muscles, and like women wishing to enhance their chests, men are seeking to bulk up their pecs with pectoral implants. Much the same as the breast augmentation procedure, the pectoral implant surgery involves using a soft yet solid rigid silicone medical implant, not a gel, in a prearranged size and shape to lift the chest and add volume. Unfortunately, the implant will not help with muscle definition.

You and your board-certified surgeon will discuss your expectations of the procedure and work together to choose the implant shape and size that will create a natural contour to the pectoral muscles.

Pectoral Implant Procedure

The pectoral implant process takes place in a hospital setting and takes approximately one and half to two hours to perform. Under general anesthesia, your surgeon will make small incisions near the edge of your armpits. An endoscope with then be used to make a small tight pocket for the implant under the pectoral muscle and the implant will be positioned behind the muscle to add volume and shape. Once the implant is in place it is held in position by the overlying chest muscles. The incisions are then closed using sutures and the area may be bandaged.

Pectoral Implant Cost

The cost of pectoral implants varies from $3000 to $5000. The variance in plastic surgery fees can be attributed to the different prices for the implant itself, anesthetic, hospital fees, surgeon fees, and the urban or suburban location of the clinic or surgeon. Be aware that there are hidden costs associated with plastic surgery, and be sure to ask for an all inclusive price or estimate. If financing is a problem, you can ask your surgeon or clinic if they have financing options available.

Implant Surgery Recovery

You may feel sore and tired, but you will be allowed to go home the day of surgery. Recovering from your surgery will be aided by planning your recovery ahead of time and ensuring that you will be comfortable when you are at home. The tenderness, swelling and bruising will last for about a week, and your surgeon will recommend that you wear a compression vest to help with healing and absorption of body fluids. Your dressing and sutures will be removed in a few days, and you should be able to move around normally within two weeks. Do not perform any lifting or aerobic exercise for 4 weeks. After a month, the scar usually fades and becomes very difficult to see and you should be able to return to all normal activity and exercise.

Risk of Pectoral Implant Surgery

There are the inherent risks of infection and bleeding as well as the possibility of the implant shifting and weakness in the pectoral muscles. Your surgeon should discuss with you the possible problems during your consultation. Pectoral implant surgery is a fairly simple procedure, but there are risks involved in any surgery, including the risk of poor results. Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon is one way to minimize those risks.

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