Not Easy to Select the Best Breast Implants

The size and shape of your breasts is important to you; otherwise, you wouldn’t be considering breast augmentation.  For this very reason, it is essential that you think carefully about the choices you make for your breast enlargement surgery.  Your surgeon will certainly assist you in choosing the best type of incision for you and your body type.  Additionally, he will try to help you choose which will be your best breast implant type.  However, the ultimate decision is yours, as you will be the one who must live with the decision day in and day out.

Two Types of Breast Implants

There are saline breast implants and silicone breast implants in use today in the United States.  For 14 years (during the years of 1982 and 2006), the FDA did not allow silicone breast implants to be used in the United States.  This was due to a large number of lawsuits being brought up against the silicone implants in 1982.  The FDA took it off of the market so that it could be well-studied and tested in clinical trials.  The results led the FDA to reapprove silicone implants do com back to the market so quickly.

Saline implants are much like silicone implants other than the fact that they are filled with a salt water solution rather than a silicone gel substance.  Both types of implants may be the best breast implants for certain women or in certain situations.  Also, both types of implants have the same outer covering, or shell—they each have a shell, or lumen, that is made from silicone.

Consult with Your Plastic Surgeon

Just because there are only two types of breast implants doesn’t mean it will be easy to decide which will be your best breast implant type.  This is because each of the two types of implants—saline and silicone—are available in several different varieties.  So, choosing the best breast implants won’t be quite that simple.

Silicone implants: 

  • Single lumen--prefilled by the manufacturer
  • Double lumen—inner lumen is prefilled by the manufacturer, outer lumen is filled during the procedure
  • Double lumen—outer lumen is prefilled by the manufacturer, inner lumen is filled during the procedure·
  • Shell-less—feels like a semi-solid rubber gel


Saline implants:

  • Single lumen—prefilled by the manufacturer
  • Single lumen—filled during surgery
  • Single lumen—filled during surgery; however, adjustments can be made after surgery through a valve


Talk with your plastic surgeon to determine the best breast implants for you.

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